Kenyan artist Bahati stirred controversy when he posted a video of himself wearing his wife, Diana Marua's nightgown. The video elicited mixed reactions among netizens, with some finding it amusing while others criticized Bahati for his choice of attire.

In the video, Bahati confidently rocks Diana Marua's nightgown, displaying his playful side. While some viewers found the video entertaining and humorous, others deemed Bahati's actions inappropriate or disrespectful.

The criticism aimed at Bahati stemmed from various perspectives, with some questioning the boundaries of gender norms and appropriate behavior within a marital relationship.

Critics contended that Bahati's choice to wear his wife's clothing epitomized toxic masculinity and perpetuated harmful stereotypes. His video sparked a nuanced conversation about gender roles, relationships, and societal expectations. The video and accompanying pictures continue to go viral online, eliciting massive reactions from netizens.