Harmonize, a Tanzanian singer, has announced that he will release his fifth studio album. The singer stated that this will be his final musical project.

The album 'Mziki Wa Samia,' dedicated to Tanzanian president Samia Suluhu Hassan, will be released on Saturday, May 25th.

"The album is dedicated to her because she is special," he said

Adding, "This is officially my last album in my music career. I have sang to the end."

Harmonize threatened to leave the music industry a few weeks ago following his online confrontation with Harmonize.

"Even with the handwork that I continue to put in this music industry, to make sure I put into it my high contribution, I feel like there has been too much hate," he wrote as translated to English on his Instagram stories

"I am tired and I will leave this music for them," he added.

He had opened up about changing his career to boxing as he apologized for a video that had gone viral showing him in a physical fight with a professional Tanzanian boxer.

"I apologize to anyone who came across the video of the conflict with Hassani of Tanga," he started off his statement on Instagram stories.

"Personally, I never thought that he was serious. I used to consider him as a person of words only on the internet, but unfortunately, yesterday when I entered the gym, he uttered contemptuous words. And insults involving even my parent," Harmonize said.

"As human, maybe I could have used wisdom!! But anger led to the controversy. It is enough to say that there is a need to protect my respect."