Kinuthia in tears after mother gifts him with iPhone 15 pro max 1TB USER. "❤️Thank to my mother and sister for this awesome and beautiful surprise 🥺❤️Am so happy I even don’t have words to explain or express my joy🥺😩thank you @phoneplug___ke for giving my mother and sister and awesome deal on the new iPhone 15 pro max❤️also thank you @maridadi_maua for presenting the amazing gift in a beautiful way❤️🥺Check out that bouquet of flowers 🥺❤️," posted Kinuthia.

He shared a snippet of a video on his Instagram page, showing how his mother and sister presented him with the gift hidden inside a bouquet of flowers.

Upon unwrapping it, he was stunned to discover it was an iPhone 15 Pro Max, capable of storing up to 1TB of videos and songs.

Kinuthia couldn't hold back his tears of joy and expressed that the gift of an iPhone 15 was something he had long desired.

“Weeh guys, lemme tell you, my family did it ❤️ Aki waah, I’m even lost for words ❤️ My sister and my mom surprised me with my dream gift ❤️❤️ I'm such a proud girl to have family like this ❤️ Thank you, Mom. Thank you, Maureen. Thank you, Zaituni,” Kinuthia said.

“Weeh, today is the day 😩❤️ Finally, I got the surprise feeling 😩❤️ My family performed a miracle. Brand new user of the iPhone 15 Pro Max 1TB, the year 254 ❤️ Thank you to my mom and sister for this wonderful and beautiful surprise ❤️ I am so happy, I don't even have words to express or describe my joy,” he added.