The Naringa singer Zuchu seems self-conscious about her appearance and feels that cosmetic surgery would address these issues. 

In a video, the singer begged Diamond Platnumz to cover the cost of an upgrade. 

While Zuchu and Diamond are hanging out on her Snapchat account, she records herself asking him if she can upgrade her chest. 

She seems to be telling him how insecure she is.

"Nataka kuenda kufanya surgery ya manyonyo. Nifanye yawe makubwa kidogo" she informs him after he enquires why.

"You still love me?" she demands after he mumbles something. 

He gives a positive response, saying, "So I should go? You'll cover the cost of the surgery?  

"Yes," is his response. Zuchu continues as if she's still determining if she heard him. "Okay, you will? She laughs hysterically as he mumbles once more.

"You gon pay for them titti**? I want new titt**. Si utanilipia? Nitatibiwa kwa hela zako. 

With a "Good" response, he looks at his phone. 


She presses her boss once more to tell her that, if he is optimistic, he will pay for the surgery. 

then she worries that he might find someone else to pass the time while she recovers. 

She ignores his warnings about the dangers of cancer, telling him that she will use his money to heal herself.

"Utaniuguza ama utatafuta mpenzi mwingine wa kujishikiza?" 

Although the WCB CEO granted her request, he forewarned her that he would not pay her a hospital visit. 

Zuchu later updated the public on that request, telling them she was merely kidding when she mentioned getting surgery.