Expect no sex or nudity this time, though we've discovered Disney isn't to blame. "Deadpool & Wolverine" has officially received a hard R rating.

As fans were promised, the movie isn't for kids under the age of seventeen, and the official MPA rating is somewhat historic as it's the first R-rated picture in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But keen-eyed viewers pointed out that this third film in the Ryan Reynolds series was missing something important: nude bodies.

The previous two installments featured nudity and sex acts; however, "D & W" is rated R for "strong bloody violence and language throughout, gore, and sexual references".

Some 'Deadpool' fans have blamed the Mouse House for the film's lack of sexual content, but insider sources tell us that Disney had nothing to do with the new movie's nudity. They stated it differently, but they did not insist on it.

While the new movie is anticipated to be highly vulgar, our sources confirm that the inclusion of explicit nudity was not deemed appropriate for the specific narrative, aligning with the expectations of many fans.

Despite many fans' expectations that this would be the case, as this will be the first 'Deadpool' film produced by Disney, our sources are adamant that Disney had no involvement in the film's creative process.

Contrary to popular belief, our sources reveal that Disney took a hands-off approach, respecting the creative decisions of Ryan and his team. Everything they desired was included without any interference, censorship, or alteration.

Even with new management, "Deadpool & Wolverine," which opens on July 26, will reportedly be just as crazy as fans have grown to expect from the franchise—it will just be fully clothed.