President William Ruto and nominated Senator Gloria Orwoba have caused a stir on social media in the past few minutes.

This was sparked by a recently emerged video showing the two sharing an unexpected public moment. In the video, President Ruto is seen playfully pinching Senator Orwoba's cheeks and ear.

The video was recorded this morning at State House during the Kenya Kwanza Parliamentary Group press briefing, where the head of state and the nominated Senator were present alongside many other MPs.

The footage captures the moment when National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichungwah was seemingly arranging his fellow MPs before beginning the briefing. Amidst the confusion, President William Ruto seized the opportunity and pinched Senator Gloria Orwoba, who was standing slightly behind him.

This occurred while the two were engaged in an inaudible conversation and were seen laughing together.

Photos of President William Ruto sharing a light moment with Senator Gloria Orwoba

The video was posted on X by famous blogger Pauline Njoroge.

However, most of the netizens who flooded her timeline concluded that President William Ruto's actions were inappropriate, particularly given that it took place in a public setting.