Young Thug recently filed the required paperwork to formally remove the judge overseeing his case, believing that until then, he cannot have a fair trial.

New court documents submitted by Young Thug's attorneys were obtained by TMZ Hip Hop on Monday. They demand that Judge Ural D. Glanville, who has been managing his criminal case in Atlanta, be immediately removed from office and/or recused.

The imprisoned rapper's logic is similar to that of his lawyer Brian Steel, who was recently found in contempt for raising the possibility that the judge had acted improperly.

Just in case you've missed it... Judge Glanville was suggested to have held a secret ex parte meeting with defendant Kenneth "YSL Woody" Copeland -- but not in the presence of others, which Thug and co. are crying foul over.

The judge only attempted to put Steel in jail for withholding how he learned about the meeting in the first place, not that the meeting never happened. Since no one has really made a decision on the merits, YT is now imposing its will on the matter by filing this motion in court.

In addition, Thug is advocating for a mistrial, though so far he hasn't been very successful in doing so. Steel will continue to enjoy his freedom during the appeal of his contempt of court charge.

Thug's motion is pending a judge's decision.