Kate Actress has issued a public apology to Kenyans for what she described as insensitive comments on her social media.

The controversy stemmed from a heated exchange with Kenyans regarding celebrities' silence on the Finance Bill 2024 and her recent trip to the US with government officials.

While Kate maintained that the trip was self-funded, many Kenyans were under the impression that it was financed by taxpayer money.

In her apology, Kate stated, "I want to sincerely apologize for the insensitive comment I made on my Instagram page.

After much reflection, I realize that it was a reflex response to the false allegations about my recent trip to the US being government-sponsored. I reiterate that it wasn't. However, I do acknowledge that I should have responded in a more respectful way.

I remain committed to using my platform to advocate for all our fundamental rights as people and will continue to voice my support for the betterment of our country."

Kenyans have been criticizing celebrities, including Kate Actress, for their lack of participation in the protests against the Finance Bill 2024.

A day ago, Kate shared her stance on the bill and responded harshly in the comments section to accusations that her US trip was government-funded. Many reminded her that the anti-Finance Bill protests were related to tax issues.

Here is a summary of her interactions with netizens that sparked outrage:

onemansquaw: "Si we juzi mlikuwa mnaenjoy pesa zetu??"

Kate: "..@onemansquaw... hamna hiyo pesa please. 😂"

stan_ngugi: "We reject na mlikuwa Whitehouse naye? Mbona hukusema then on his face?"

Kate: "@stan_ngugi mpigie umuulize his number is now public #RejectFinanceBill"

cyntaxcindy: "🙌🙌🙌🙌👏👏 finally Cate has spoke, I thought kuenda American na prezzo would make her forget her funs❤️❤️❤️"

Kate: "I have been talking about it on my stories. Use this chance to speak on the bill. Tuache upuzi!!!"

Additional comments included:

bephineogutu: "Focus guys, Cate is not the enemy #rejectfinancebill2024"

Kate: "I can be the punching bag today, citizens are angry! As they should! 🇰🇪💔"

snipper_kenya: "Uko wapi sikuoni 😂"

Kate: "You went to look for me? #RejectFinanceBill"