Like "The Walking Dead," "A Quiet Place" explores a world filled with countless possibilities, some of which the two previous films have already delved into. The latest prequel, "A Quiet Place: Day One," set in New York, starts with a somewhat unexpected premise but quickly evolves to deliver additional horror, ensuring audiences remain silent in their seats.

The 2021 sequel began with a powerful flashback to the moment the terrifying, sound-sensitive aliens first invaded Earth. The tagline for the new film, "Experience the day the world went quiet," echoes this concept.

The prequel introduces new characters and tells the story from the perspective of Sam (Lupita Nyong’o), a terminally ill woman in hospice care with her cat. This choice, initially questionable, becomes the lens through which viewers witness the chaos. As the world crumbles, Sam, who is already near death, becomes the audience's surrogate. Along her journey, she meets various people but forms a significant bond with Eric (Joseph Quinn, fresh from "Stranger Things" and set to star in "Fantastic Four"). Eric remains by her side despite her efforts to push him away.

The original film, featuring Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, stood out with its unique twist on minimalist horror, utilizing sign language as a key element. In contrast, "Day One" relies heavily on Nyong’o’s expressive facial reactions, showcasing her ability to convey deep emotion without words.

Written and directed by Michael Sarnoski ("Pig"), with a story credit shared with Krasinski, the film offers more glimpses of the terrifying creatures, although their swift attacks keep these sightings brief. The invaders' omnipresence heightens the tension, making every on-screen sound a source of dread.

"Day One" leverages these elements and incorporates Sam’s condition to reflect on humanity. However, one awkward narrative choice involves her cat, which adds unpredictable tension but feels out of place in the sci-fi horror genre—a trope that has been awkward since "Alien."

In today's entertainment landscape, anything moderately successful spawns talk of an expanded universe, and "A Quiet Place" is no exception. "Day One" demonstrates that this dangerous post-invasion world is rich with unexplored stories and tense scenarios, proving there are plenty of silent streets and hallways left to tiptoe down.

"A Quiet Place: Day One" premieres June 28 in U.S. theaters and is rated PG-13.