Leading Tanzanian musicians Harmonize and Rayvanny, formerly associated with Diamond's Wasafi label, have reignited their feud through a critical social media discussion.

PHOTO | COURTESY Rayvanny and Harmonize

Supremacy Conflicts

During their time at Wasafi, the former boss pals engaged in a heated discussion on who was a superior artist in terms of writing, fortune, and fame.

"Let me be honest with you you are not on my level, musically, economically, yaani sio tuzo…sio hits..sio numbers…sio recognition..sio chochote huamini kafatilie ndio utajua kua am your father "wrote Rayvanny partly

The Nitongoze singer criticizes Harmonize for choosing a feud with Diamond to be relevant.


He also accuses the Konde Gang leader of leading a false life by using borrowed cars while still clinging to the home of his previous Italian girlfriend, Sarah.

“Diamond unae msema ndio mtu anakufanya hadi leo upo sababu njia rahisi ulioona uta mentain ni kumtukana am too old for that.Unapost nyumba ya kupanga 😂range za mchongo sasa come to my own crib ambayo ni yangu nikufundishe jinsi ya kutengeneza pesa nakumiliki mjengo sio nyumba iso isha ya Sara 😂😂😂😂” Rayvanny added

On the other hand, Harmonize also launches a charm offensive against Rayvanny, reminding him of how he shared his nude videos to destroy his dreams.


"Why do you hate me so bad!!! Bro 🤔you made everyone see my big d*** ulitaka nijiuwe and am still here," Harmonize said partly.

The disclosure of how Rayvanny pursued Paula-daughter Kajala while Harmonize was dating her mother adds insult to injury for Rayvanny.

"You can even tell when I date big mama you always go for daughter," Harmonize added.

Rayvanny claims that he provided Harmonize with music composing assistance for their joint song "Paranawe" and "Birthday" due to their unsavoury interactions.

Rayvanny added some phrases to Harmonize an "empty head" for his marijuana use and claim that he can compete with the late, great hip-hop artist Tupac Shakur.

“Umeanza kuvuta ukubwani huwezi ganja…bangi mbili unajiona 2pack😂😂 kaa mbali na #Chui🐆🐆” warned Rayvanny.

However, Harmonize has vowed to release a brand-new single this Friday with Ibraah as his signee.