You can call him bwana Mkunaji or Pozee, but Willy Paul is his official name. Pozee has declared that he will remain celibate for his upcoming event to be successful. Willy Paul states that he has chosen to remain extremely holy. The artist urged ladies to make the process easy for him and thanked them in advance for understanding.

Reactions from Willy Paul's admirers to his most recent vow have been conflicting. The singer of the hit song "Umeme" has vowed to remain celibate until his upcoming performance, claiming that the show's success hinges on his holiness.


His supporters don't seem to believe him, even though he has a history of adoring women and was named by Eric Omondi as one of the Kenyan musicians who fornicated while single.

Is he making an effort to carry out Eric Omondi's request? Eric Omondi recently urged Pozee and numerous other ex-Gospel musicians to return to Christian music. Pozee, though, had none of it. He debunked Eric's claim on his official Instagram by claiming he wasn't a gospel artist.

Pozee instructed Eric Omondi to address the right people. He went further to tell the comedian to get his name out of his mouth. 

Willy respected that Eric Omondi was like an elder brother to him but claimed he was crossing the boundaries, which did not make him happy. 


This came only a month after Eric Omondi praised Willy Paul as the entertainment industry's saviour. The comedian, a fervent supporter of regional talent, praised Willy Paul for his ground-breaking song Umeme.

Eric detailed his relationship with Pozee in a lengthy Instagram post. He also chronicled his professional background from his Gospel days.

Mr Omondi claimed to have met Pozee performing the Sitolia at Mavuno Church South C in 2012. The controversial comedian affirmed that Willy Paul was undoubtedly the most hard-working and dependable Kenyan musician.