Moya David did what he does best to Jovial. Moya unexpectedly showed up to surprise Jovial on her birthday, where he gave the seductive singer a birthday to remember.

Jovial turned 31, and her pals planned a surprise with famous TikToker Moya David to honour the milestone. Jovial uploaded a video of her startled response.

Since going on a social media break at the beginning of the year, during which she cleaned out all of her social media accounts, this is one of the few new posts on her Instagram.

Jovial, whose actual name is Juliet Miriam Ayub, celebrated her 31st birthday with her loved ones beside the ocean. She documented her special day by uploading several pictures on her Instagram Stories.

In addition to a much-publicized affair with Willy Paul and a medical problem spurred on by great tiredness, Jovial had a whirlwind in 2022. 

Her decision to completely delete her Instagram history suggests that she has chosen to perform a hard reset.

When 2022 ended, Jovial expressed a few of her regrets. The most significant one was incorporating her personal relationships into her job, especially after what happened online when she made a song with Willy Paul.

Her sorrow was particularly brought on by a complicated romantic ruse she executed with Willy Paul to advertise their joint project LaLaLa. 

Even though Jovial has publicly denied the connection numerous times, many still believe that the two were a true couple.

Jovial regretted her decision to become friends with people in the business on her Instagram story, saying they now feel entitled to her relationship and are taking advantage of it. 

According to Jovial, the worst thing somebody can do is mix friendship and business since it results in disrespect.

Moya David, a dancer on TikTok, recently infuriated internet users by declaring that he had trademarked his choreography. The unexpected dancer warned individuals who enjoy duplicating his dance routines that they now run the possibility of legal action in an interview with SPM Buzz.

The dancer claimed that the improper usage of his choreography spurred him to file a lawsuit because people who utilized it failed to credit him for using his creations. "I came up with it, and occasionally I feel like Watu wanitumia Vibaya. They don't give my creativity the credit it deserves, even though it is mine."