In her most recent Instagram post, content producer and rapper Diana Marua ridiculed her ex-boyfriends. Diana recently landed in Kenya after a trip with her husband Bahati in Dubai.

The influencer shared a video of herself and her husband, Bahati, having fun in Dubai, and she captioned it, "I love you, Bahati." "Are you Jamani, Sasa, ma'EX wetu wanaskiangaje? It's Huku Mahaba Tuuu. 

The influencer had previously released a video of herself and her husband, Bahati, having a romantic break in Dubai. The couple can be seen making out while enjoying a stunning desert sunset in the footage.

Although the influencer received support on her page, other people questioned Diana's decision to write an anthem about returning to the dating scene while she is obviously in a happy and stable relationship with her famous spouse Bahati.

The rapper has recently gone on the attack, calling out all her detractors left, right, and center. She even created a song in which she disparaged a dozen famous people.

In a recent confessional video, the influencer acknowledged dating many guys for financial gain. Soon after, previous photos of the influencer dating other men began to reappear.

Victor Wanyama, a football player Diana had previously denied dating, was one of the notable people included. The comedian-turned-politician Jalang'o was another.

Based on the image, several people assumed that Jalas was one of Diana's sponyos. Even podcaster Andrew Kibe conjectured that during Diana's ho phase, Jalang'o and his fabled guys club must have enjoyed her to the maximum.

Heiress of Keroche Anerlisa Muigai responded to Diana Marua's viral video in which she admitted to having dated many guys in the past for financial gain.

She continued by defending Bahati's honor because, in her opinion, he is the unintentional victim of all of this commotion. In addition, she gave Diana some advice, saying, "I think this kind of knowledge should be kept secret after being a mother and having a guy who has accepted all your shortcomings. Even when you're trying to help others, your background can sometimes cause people to regard you differently. If you genuinely want to share a tale, utilize a friend as a source so that the message gets across.