Yesterday afternoon, Mugithi singer Dj Fatxo posted a brief video asking for prayers. He also wrote a lengthy post thanking God for protecting him and his family during the difficult months that followed the passing of Jeff Mwathi.

The artist has also expressed his gratitude to his family and friends for supporting him through his difficulties. DJ Faxto posted a lengthy Instagram post thanking God for keeping him safe.

The DCI investigators who were looking into the death of Jeff Mwathi in Dj Fatxo's home recently informed the public that their investigation was finished and that they had sent the relevant documents to the director of the public prosecution. The next step will be prosecuting those the investigators believe to be responsible for Jeff's death.

Since Jeff passed away while in his home, Dj Fatxo has been a figure of interest in this case. The public is now waiting to know what steps the DPP will take in this matter, as the DCI withheld the recommendations' contents from the public.

This occurs despite the Dj's insistence that he is innocent of any wrongdoing.

A few days ago, his girlfriend posted on her Tiktok about how difficult it has been for them since the news of the whole incident leaked because the DJ keeps staying out of the public eye for a crime she claims he did not commit.

In another post on Tiktok, Waruguru stressed that knowing the Dj the way she does, he was incapable of killing anyone, and the allegations that he was responsible for Jeff's death are unfounded.

Gathoni disabled the comment box on all of her most recent posts since she had previously received hate messages on Instagram. Her purported participation in the tragic night that resulted in Mwathi's death was the main target of the disparaging remarks.

As an adult couldn't fit in the narrow window frames, the investigators disproved earlier claims that he had jumped out the window.