Nicah the Queen, a Kenyan gospel singer, argues that the local slang phrase "form ni kuoga na kurudi soko " is a call to prostitution primarily affecting women.

The famous phrase arose from a popular move in which a devastated person is encouraged to figuratively shower, dress up, and step back out on the streets, dating new people as if heartbreak had never occurred to them.

"Kuoga ni kuoga na kurudi soko!?" This terminology has led to many young girls selling their bodies and sleeping with any man that comes their way!

Many relationships and marriages have ended because of this slang!! Form si kuoga na kurudi ni kufunzwa umalaya! (The plan is not to shower and return to the streets).

This kuoga na kurudi soko language holds far more darkness than one could imagine! This lingo encourages young females to engage in prostitution and other illegal acts!

Be aware and vigilant; do not simply follow the crowd because, weeeeh, many have sold their souls to the devil, and there is a movement to destroy young girls and women! Why do you think women only use this terminology?

The only person God has given the ability to maintain a relationship or marriage is a woman! Ati "form ni kuoga na kurudi soko"

I only uttered what the Holy Spirit said, that's all! "#jesusgurl #achananao," Nicah said.

Rising rapper Diana Marua Bahati is also popularizing the slang term in her title song 'Narudi Soko,' in which she promotes showering and returning to the streets.

According to Nairobi News, Diana B dissed various female celebs in her song who have done similarmanoeuvress after their relationships had failed.

Amber Ray, who has been romantically attached to several men, Tanasha Donna, following her breakup with Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platinumz, made her one of his several baby mamas across Africa Zuchu, a Tanzanian singer and Diamond's current girlfriend, was all targeted.

Diana Bahati appeared shaded by Nicah's deconstruction of the slang language.

She is the most recent co-host to join Dr Ofweneke in a dating show where numerous women compete to meet their Mr Right.

Nicah's ex-husband's name is Dr Ofweneke.