Wahu, a singer, has thanked her internet fans for standing by her after she experienced online bullying due to her weight increase.

The mother-of-three admitted to The Trend that she is not concerned about her weight because the birth of her child Shiro was something miraculous that she treasures.

"Yes, I have gained a significant amount of weight, and I feel very comfortable at this weight right now, and I am very optimistic, especially due to my baby," she stated on May 5, 2023.

Wahu warned everyone that body shaming reveals the shamer's lack of empathy and character, not the victim's.

"Even though I received many criticisms from trolls, I didn't see sharing my photos as a negative act." "It's also worth noting that the positive comments outweighed the negative," she remarked.

Wahu told her story of accumulating weight during pregnancy in February 2023, but she also emphasized the necessity of learning to accept and accept your body.

"I've gained 22.5 kilograms since having a baby, and I gained weight during my previous pregnancy as well." Because of my fears, it's easy to lose sight of my progress, but I'm learning to love and respect my body. I wanted to tell you this because I want you to know you're not alone.

Wahu received both favourable and unfavourable feedback in response to her post.

Others resorted to body shaming, while some were encouraging.

Unfortunately, most of the disturbing comments were made by women, demonstrating that women are generally their harshest critics and practitioners of body shaming.

Wahu also offered support to those who were body shamed.

"Wewe uko tu sawa" (You are perfect just as you are)... "Don't take their negativity personally," Wahu advised.