Fatxo, a Mugithi artist, has returned to social media after a month's hiatus. The artist now has a mohawk hairdo with blonde locks twisted neatly at the top of his head as part of his rebranding.

The singer's career was thrown into the mud after he was linked to the gruesome murder of interior designer Jeff Mwathi, who allegedly died after falling from the 12th floor of his flat.

Fatxo, on the other hand, hailed his triumphant resurrection in a recent social media post, comparing himself golden phoenix rising from the ashes and defying the odds.

Fatxo has been attending church services and posting inspiring words on social media.

On Monday, May 8, 2023, he expressed gratitude to the KAG Church Engineer for the wonderful reception he received.

In his announcement, the musician exuded confidence, declaring he is now more charming and stronger than ever, ready to take on the art industry.

"And, like the phoenix, I will rise from the ashes!" Returning from the ashes, clad in nothing but strength, more captivating than ever, with spectacular triumphs."

Ann Mwathi, the late Jeff Mwathi's mother, expressed disappointment and loss of hope in achieving justice for her son after meeting with police on May 4, 2023.

Despite the lengthy conversation, Ann Mwathi expressed scepticism about the conclusion and doubted that justice would be done.

The police told Wacuka that there was insufficient proof to support the idea that her kid was murdered.

She also stated that she was told Jeff was apparently inebriated at his death, and Wacuka wondered how he could have climbed to the 12th level of the apartment building.

According to the detectives, Jeff died due to the impact of the fall and was alive when he jumped.

"I disagree with the probe's findings into Jeff Mwathi's death." "I believe in justice, and I believe that all parties responsible must be held accountable for their actions," Wacuka stated.