In a surprising turn of events, one of the video vixens who appeared in Bahati's hit song "Adhiambo" has disclosed that she has not been paid by Bahati or his team, despite having dedicated an entire day to contribute to the video's creation.

"Adhiambo" stands as one of Bahati's most successful songs, accumulating over 22 million views since its release on YouTube. Hence, it is truly disconcerting to witness one of the video vixens, known as Brenda Atieno, publicly calling out Bahati and his team for their failure to fulfill their financial obligations.

This is not the first instance where Brenda Atieno has spoken out about her unpaid dues for her involvement in the video. She claims that her previous attempts to address the matter were met with silence, but this time she is determined to take legal action if she does not receive a payment within 24 hours.

Brenda, who is perceived by many of her fans as living a luxurious lifestyle, felt compelled to clarify that her way of life is not financed by affluent men in Nairobi, such as those featured in Bahati's music video, including Jalang'o, Bahati, Jaguar, and Babu Owino. She emphasized that her involvement with these men was solely limited to appearing in the video.

Moreover, Brenda elaborated on her unfortunate experience with Bahati and his team, describing them as extremely impolite and disrespectful towards her. She expressed disappointment over their refusal to pay her a meager amount owed for her services.

Last year, when she initially raised this issue on social media, Brenda engaged in a question-and-answer session on her Instagram, responding to inquiries from her followers regarding the incident. During the session, she clarified that she was not seeking a career as a video vixen and that Bahati's music video was the only one in which she had ever participated.

In a separate post, Brenda revealed that Bahati had never responded to her calls, and as a result, he never paid her for her work. However, she emphasized that the issue of non-payment wasn't what bothered her the most. What troubled her was the misconception that one of the men featured in the video had purchased her new car.

Her frustration stemmed from the fact that people assumed someone who couldn't even pay her a small amount of 10,000 Kenyan Shillings was the one responsible for buying her car. This misunderstanding prompted her to address the situation.

Brenda clarified that she had actually prayed for the opportunity to purchase the car herself, and she had finally achieved that goal. In now-deleted posts, she disclosed that she is a professional teacher and will soon graduate with a degree in education from Kenyatta University. She also mentioned her business acumen, suggesting that her financial means were a result of her entrepreneurial endeavors.