A feud has erupted between Bongo star Rayvanny and his ex-girlfriend, Paulah Kajalah, stemming from allegations of infidelity during their relationship.

Taking to her Instagram, Kajala provided a comprehensive account of how Rayvanny was unfaithful to her, specifically to her friends, while they were together. She explained that the Bongo artist would speak negatively about his baby mama to her, only to badmouth her to the baby mama, effectively playing them against each other throughout their relationship.

Rayvanny's ongoing adultery, according to Paulah, brought their relationship to a breaking point, forcing her to make the tough choice to terminate it.

Rayvanny responded by accusing Paulah of being unfaithful to him by sleeping with a close friend on the same social media network.

The couple parted ways several months ago, and since then, Rayvanny has reconciled with his baby mama, Fahima. Meanwhile, Paulah moved on and began dating another musician named Mario.

Their relationship initially began over a year ago, precisely on Valentine's Day when the popular Mzuri hitmaker publicly revealed that he and Paulah were an item.

The criticism Paulah and Rayvanny received for having such a large age gap was just one of the difficulties their partnership encountered. But this was only the start of the drama that followed.

It was revealed that Harmonize, another prominent artist, was attempting to seduce Paulah while simultaneously dating Paulah's mother, Fridah Kajala.

After the breakup with Paulah, Rayvanny reconciled with his baby mama, Fahyma. The couple had previously separated in 2019 amidst allegations of Rayvanny's infidelity.

Fahyma possesses a remarkable talent and has a captivating sense of style, evident from her fashionable wardrobe. She is passionate about her career and openly shares stunning photographs, showcasing her fashion choices.

The Tanzanian singer couple is expecting their second child. Rayvanny's spouse broke the news on social media, saying that she is two months pregnant.

Fahyma wrote, "Ndo kwanza miezi miwili ikifika miezi tisa sijui itakuwaje."

The couple, who have a two-year-old son named Jaydan Vanny, experienced a bitter falling out due to reports of Fahyma's alleged infidelity with multiple individuals. Among the individuals she was accused of having an affair with was Abdu Kiba, the brother of Ali Kiba.

Rayvanny posted on social media “Mpende ila usimuamini, mpe ila sio vyote, mtunze ila usimchunge , mpe mwili wako ila usimpe siri zako. Ata mkojo ulikuwa soda, vitamu ndio vichungu. Keep it in your mind,”.

Even after their breakup, Fahima openly admitted that she still harbored feelings of love for Rayvanny, regardless of their challenges. Although the status of their relationship remains unconfirmed, rumors of a potential reunion persist, as the saying goes, "where there is smoke, there is fire."

Following his split from Fahima, Rayvanny entered into a relationship with Paulah. The couple remained together until September of last year.