A heated online dispute has erupted between Samidoh Muchoki, a popular Mugithi singer, and Robert Alai, the Member of the County Assembly for Kileleshwa. The feud began when Alai took to his social media platform, accusing Samidoh of accepting bribes to conceal the murder of Jeff Mwathi, purportedly to protect his fellow artist, DJ Fatxo.

"Samidoh has been bribed to save the murderer who is a fellow artist. Nonsense!

A suspect is openly bragging how a serving police officer helped him escape murder charges," Alai posted.

Samidoh strongly expressed his discontent with Alai's remarks, responding with strong language and accusing him of seeking attention by using his name, despite lacking factual information. In retaliation, Robert replied with even more explicit language, bringing Samidoh's baby mama, Karen Nyamu, into the argument as well.

Alai's claim came from an article by Pulse where Dj Fatxo was explaining that Samidoh helped the detectives in considering suicide as a possible cause of Jeff Mwathi's death.

Samidoh being Jeff's uncle was very concerned and interested in seeing that justice has been served to his nephew Jeff.

Alai, who is known for frequently criticizing individuals and lawmakers on Twitter, recently gained significant attention for issuing a cautionary message to Linet Toto. The warning came after a photo of Toto and Karen Nyamu together at a parliamentary group meeting for Kenya Kwanza in Naivasha went viral over the weekend. Alai advised Toto to be cautious about associating with individuals like Karen Nyamu, as he believed they might lead her astray. Additionally, Alai implied that Karen Nyamu's moral values could be questionable.

"Linet, avoid this gang. It’s an evil gang that doesn’t have any decency. It will mess you with gang sex and drug binge," the member of the county assembly wrote.

Given Linet's status as a first-time elected member of parliament, it is understandable for Alai to offer advice. However, the key concern lies in the basis of his accusations against Karen Nyamu.

Alai also raised objections regarding a recent petition submitted by veteran artist Nameless. The petition called for a road in Nairobi to be named after E-sir, one of Kenya's most talented artists. Nameless argued that E-sir, as a pioneer of the music industry in the country, deserved recognition. Alai, however, pointed out flaws in the petition, casting doubt on its validity.