Anerlisa Muigai, the heiress of Keroche, has expressed her dissatisfaction with men who constantly engage in hopping from one social media account to another. She believes that this behavior portrays them as individuals who lack seriousness in life. The businesswoman highlighted that men who sag their pants and wear earrings hold no value in a woman's eyes.

“Saggy pants, earrings, lip licking, an empty wallet, very active on social media, always available, and always likes every woman’s post or picture. Useless 100%,” 

According to the business lady men who are serious in life and are making money moves are hardly on the internet, and even if they are they are not very active. 

"A serious man will not have Instagram, Snapchat, and Tiktok all at the same time. The most focused men are not on social media and if they are they are very inactive," she wrote. 

In her recent posts, Anerlisa has been expressing less favorable opinions about men. Notably, she shared a short video featuring a man who stated that if he were a woman, he would also expect to be treated with utmost respect and admiration, akin to being treated like a queen.

"I am not a woman, but if I was a woman I'm not opening my door, Im not paying at a restaurant, Im not choosing where to go eat, Im not making the plans for the evening. I'm not a woman but I would demand that I be treated like a queen," the man said. 

Anerlisa went on to post a caption to the video where she added that no man should talk about offering love if he is broke.

"If you are a man and have no money STFU about offering love. No woman wants to deal with a broke guy. Love only will never put food at the table."

In a previous Instagram post, Anerlisa reiterated her expectations for any potential partner who wishes to date her. In a detailed written statement, she highlighted two essential criteria that she believed were necessary for a successful and fulfilling relationship. Anerlisa emphasized the importance of a man having substantial financial resources and solid investments to complement the independent nature of a woman like herself.

She added that, no matter how much independent women try, eventually they get tired of always having to buy things for the man or even pay bills.

“No offense to any man but if you are looking into dating or marrying an independent woman, consider having heavy money and proper investments. Women get tired of give me, do this, pay for this… And as life goes on, they realize they want to deal with someone who can also bring something to the table… Love alone cannot sustain a relationship,” she posted.

The CEO of Nero Company, Anerlisa Muigai, seemingly learned a valuable lesson through her experiences with her ex-husband, Ben Pol, whom many believed she surpassed in wealth. Speculation suggests that during their relationship, Anerlisa was the one financially supporting Ben Pol's lifestyle.

Ben Pol, on the contrary, expressed his ongoing confusion about what went wrong in their relationship, as he believes he was genuinely committed and they both made efforts to make it work. He clarified that there were no instances of infidelity during their time together.

Additionally, Ben Pol shared that he sought therapy after their separation, recognizing the importance of addressing the emotional impact of their divorce. Through therapy, he was able to navigate the healing process and move forward in a positive way.