In his recent Instagram post, Willy Paul has posted a video of Miss P dancing to one of his songs putting a caption that shocked netizens. "I'm Marrying Her. Now You Know Fam... I've Been Hiding It But Not Anymore," Willy Paul.

His fans have congratulated him through the comments supporting his idea of marrying Miss P. See Miss P's Apology to Willy Paul

More than a year has passed since the dramatic saga unfolded between Willy Paul and Miss P, his former signee. Miss P had previously accused Willy Paul of sexually assaulting her during their encounter.

However, yesterday, Miss P issued an official apology to Willy Paul, acknowledging that her previous accusations against him were false. She publicly admitted to wrongfully accusing him and pleaded for his forgiveness.

Miss P has recently expressed her transformation and dedication to living a more honourable life. In response to her public apologies, Willy Paul has chosen to forgive her, despite receiving advice to take legal action against her for the damage caused to his reputation.

This is what Poze posted; "Well I Know You've All Been Waiting For My Reaction After Miss P's Confession. I've Seen Your Comments, Most Of You Asking Me To Take Legal Action And Some Asking Me To Forgive And Keep Away From Her.

A Good Number Of You Guys Reminded Me Of What That False Story Put Me Through And Insisted That I Take Legal Action Without Having Second Thoughts.

But The Question Is, What Good Will Having Her Locked Up Do To Me? Absolutely Nothing. I Will Gain Nothing.

Being A Good Man That I've Always Been, The Good Man That Most People Fail To See The Good In. I Have Decided To Forgive This Beautiful Soul. I Know It Cost Me Alot But If God Can Forgive Then Who I'm I Not To? If You Truly Understand The Word Of God Then You'll Understand That There's Even More Peace In Forgiveness. Remember This Fam, God Used Me To Unlock This Girl's Doors And I Did Just That So Why Would I Mess What God Used Me To Make?

Bottom Line, I Still Have So Much Love For Her And Will Always Be Here To Listen To Her Whenever She Needs My Advice Or Any Other Thing That I can Help With."