Zari Hassan, the Ugandan socialite, has once again expressed her strong dissatisfaction with her ex-partner Diamond for disrespecting her in front of his rumoured girlfriend Fantana on the show "Young African and Famous."

In a recent conversation with journalists while in Tanzania, Zari clarified that her frustration was not directed towards Fantana, as some may have initially believed. Instead, her grievance lies with Diamond, who shared stories about her with Fantana and allowed Fantana to disrespect her.

Furthermore, Zari emphasized that she does not discuss Diamond with her current husband, implying that Diamond had no right to discuss her with Fantana.

The conflict between the two escalated last week following Diamond's comments on the second season of "Young Famous and African," where he claimed that Zari wanted to have another child with him.

However, Zari vehemently denied the statement, expressing her anger and ensuring everyone knew that Diamond was lying and using her name for clout-chasing purposes.

 The Tanzanian star was then informed by the boss woman that he had been dropped from her life and should take up any issues with her attorney.

Diamond's most recent comments have upset Zari's marriage to Lutaya, who hasn't missed a beat in saying that she is now a married woman and wants Diamond and everyone else to accept that.

She went on to accuse Diamond of allowing his women to disrespect her even when she has not done anything to them.

Here is the full statement;

"Dear Ex

I have so much regard for u as the father of my kids and nothing can come between that. If there was a chance for us to get back together you'd come running back. How u sitting with whores (temporary people in your life) discussing me leaves me in awe. 

U can fuck anyone u want without using me as a bet. I don't want u, I'm not obsessed with you, matter of fact it's the opp (you are obsessed with me, and u can't seem to replace me) U will come running like a cheetah if I called u back. I'm only reasonable for respect's sake," 

For the sake of the kids. They (kids) Google stuff some I can explain some I can't. You get on a whole show that's NOT scripted and lie about me. Lie how | want kids with u, how I'm obsessed with you. 

Like who the fuck are you for me ZARI THE BOSS LADY to be obsessed. You'll forever be in my life bcoz of kids but not how I've been welcoming you. You are CANCELLED, and if you don't like it, let the court decide. I don't need u, with or without u, I have a WHOLE FUCKING LIFE. Last I checked the whole EA didn't know u till I introduced u on scene. I was a millionaire famous, driving Porsche cars, owning properties, smart and beautiful,

You forever letting these so-called 20-year-olds disrespect me for the sake of you getting pussy is not worth it. You are DIAMOND; u can get any person you want without involving me. I'm a whole married woman right now and your shit didn't sit well with my marriage. The show to only edit parts which suit them is absurd. U only hear from me when it's kid's fees that you pay annually (and I appreciate you for that.) Emotional support, medical, and sleepless nights to mention a few are all one. Stop putting me in situations with low-life whores for clout. I've noticed u live for clout, without it, u can't breathe. I'm a self-made billionaire and | will not have your sperm bins (put me in a category | don't belong) failed music career with 5 bbls, face like he/she and still couldn't get to be noticed (sighs)."