Dj Fatxo is gradually regaining stability as he picks up his musical career after more than three months of inquiries into the death of Jeff Mwathi , a turbulent time in his life.

The most current song from Dj Fatxo is called "Ngatho," which is English for "Gratitude." In this song, he recounts his own journey, thanking God for helping him overcome the many obstacles he encountered along the way.

During a conversation with Massawe Japan on Radio Jambo, Dj Fatxo clarified the circumstances surrounding his decision to invite Jeff to his apartment in Kasarani. He explained that the reason behind their visit was that they had work scheduled for the following day, and he believed it would be convenient for Jeff to spend the night at his place in order to start working together the next morning.

When asked about how he and Jeff became acquainted, Dj Fatxo shared that he obtained Jeff's contact through a mutual friend named Faith Mutanu, who provided him with Jeff's phone number. The purpose of requesting Jeff's contact was solely related to work, as Dj Fatxo required Jeff's assistance for a specific project.

Furthermore, Dj Fatxo emphasized that although he and Jeff were not extremely close, they would interact occasionally. He maintained that he had no motive or reason to harm Jeff, highlighting their limited relationship and asserting his innocence in relation to Jeff's tragic demise.

When asked how they met, the Dj explained that he had Jeff's contact information from a buddy named Faith Mutanu, who gave it to him. He required Jeff's assistance with some work, which is why he asked for his phone number.

He continues by saying that although he and Jeff weren't very close, they did occasionally connect, therefore he had no justification for killing him.


"Mwathi and I were not very good friends, we would only interact when we met.

"I informed Faith Mutanu that I will get in touch with Jeff for his services after receiving his phone number. It was a Tuesday, and I had been to Ruiru to check upon a wine and liquor store in which I own stock. Around 2:30 pm, a friend and I posted a meme on my status. Then Jeff responded to the status," said Faxto.

Due to the terrible fact that Jeff's death occurred within his home, Dj Fatxo had come under scrutiny as a person of interest in the case. He was later found not guilty by the jury, however, as a result of a lack of evidence connecting him to any wrongdoing.