For the majority of Kenyan creatives and celebrities, content creation and influencer marketing have emerged as attractive revenue streams.

In addition to earning money through YouTube, many artists also benefit from brand partnerships and sponsorships that come their way.

Here are some of the folks for whom this has developed into a successful side business:

1. Crazy Kennar

The young man has established himself as a comedic content cartel and made his daily sketches a source of income.

Through his comedic sketches and uploading on his YouTube site, which brings in between Sh600,000 and Sh1.5m per month, he has landed brand deals and sponsorships.

2. Felix Odiwuor, aka Jalas

The former lawmaker began making the majority of his money by creating material for platforms like his YouTube channel.

He has a channel that brings him up to Sh1.8 million each month, and he may earn up to Sh3 million via sponsored collaborations and endorsements on Instagram.

3. Eric Omondi

He is one of Kenya's most well-known comedians, and he has served as a brand ambassador for companies like Lato and others, earning them large salaries.

In his twenties, he made his first million dollars, and today, he has transactions that can bring in up to Sh7.2 million.

4. Mungai Eve

She has developed into an influential figure with a sizable following thanks to her ground-breaking YouTube channel.

We have yet to look into the brand partnerships and sponsorships that run on her social media, but she makes between Sh800,000 and Sh1.5M per year from her Youtube channel.

5. Thee Pluto

He disclosed that he made Sh9M in 2022 and that he makes close to Sh900,000 to Sh1.2M per month through his Youtube account.

6. The Bahati's

Another couple with a YouTube channel that receives a lot of views and endorsements is Diana Marua and Bahati.

Their channel typically brings in between Sh500,000 and Sh1M per month in revenue; however, they previously disclosed that their monthly income is approximately Sh3M.

7. The Wajesus Family

The duo earns separately from their business deals and sponsorships and receives about Sh1.5 million per month from their Youtube channel.

They published their rate cards for brand endorsements on their social media pages a while back, and when everything was added up, they made up to Sh1M from brand endorsements.