When an immovable item encounters an unstoppable force, that's what I think is going on right now between Andrew Kibe and Mike Sonko.

Yes, the two online celebrities are currently at odds after Kibe attacked the former governor of Nairobi in one of his contentious portions on his show.

The former Kiss100 host criticized Sonko for only promoting Western luxury goods and failing to leave behind works that would live on long after he was gone.

Not only that, but the US-based YouTuber also mused aloud on the governor's means of subsistence.

The outspoken politician who confronted Kenya's leading social provocateur and told him to mind his own business didn't take Kibe's viewpoint lightly.

In return, he launched into a full-fledged attack, asking Kibe how he had generated money while he was in the US and using many insults—many of which I can't write here because they are way out of line.

Most Kenyans were interested in the debate because they enjoyed the animosity exchanged between the two.

It would be a fair assessment of the comments made by many amused Kenyans to claim that there weren't many peacemakers.

Check out some of the reactions below;

Pierré Kundi@PierreKundi· Now this is showbiz. Kaende sana!

The Diplomat @adesh_duba· Kibee ni moto kama pasi. Safi sana, you keep pushing our Kenyan celebs because you want them to go higher. Sonko is a good man, ako tu sawa. He is a brand himself. Hiyo jina sonko yenyewe is more worthy than Gucci, Balenciaga & Nike combined! Kibee, I like your content, man.

mwAki@Mwakisakenyi_·Kibe 10 and Sonko at the receiving end 2. Let's go!