A young man named Jeff Mwathi mysteriously passed away at the home of a Kikuyu musician a few months ago, startling Kenyans with the shocking news.

Dj Fatxo's connection to the terrible tragedy caused a great deal of controversy to surround the death.

The DCI, however, declared that they could not in any way hold the musician responsible and granted him a reprieve.

Fatxo, who is currently in the United Kingdom, has sadly struggled to return to the entertainment sector.

Another intriguing aspect is the assertion that Simon Mwangi Muthiora's life is in danger after he revealed some intriguing information about Jeff's death.

Muthiora said on his social media accounts that he had received death threats from a number of well-known Mugithi singers, who he will shortly name.

"SINCE I ran #JusticeForJeff, I've now received the first serious THREAT on my life! YES, sasa tumefika hapo. I'll be back after making formal report and writing a statement with the police.

Luckily, I was in the company of people who know two of the mugithi musicians accompanying the person who has threatened me. Nilinyamaza wakafikiria niliwaogopa, you have rattled the wrong snake now. Kaende sasa!".