The language, like the times, has evolved.

Unlike in the past, the world now employs slang/hidden terms to conceal the true meaning of a word.

Don't be surprised if you speak and others laugh. They may have misconstrued your statements to mean what they want them to mean.

Some of these terms are as follows:

Rose coco

Rose Coco was originally a bean. Rose coco is now used to refer to a lady's genitalia.


Kuni translates to "firewood." It has a sexual connotation in these streets, referring to a man's virility. For example, if someone says Kuni mzito, he is loaded below the belt. Fimbo and mti are two other terms for the same thing.


This is a slang name for a cat, a Pussycat. In modern usage, the term refers to a woman's genitalia.

Ingia Nyuma

This is when an accident occurs when one car collides with another from behind. It now refers to having anal sex with another man/woman.


The head is a component of the human body under normal conditions. It refers to giving a man oral sex in current society.


Fimbo is a walking stick in Swahili. In current parlance, it refers to a man's genitalia.


This is primarily a tool found and utilized by persons working in the Juacali sector, particularly in quarries. However, in modern usage, the term refers to how excellent or horrible a man is loaded below the belt.


In most cases, a prom refers to one used to play football.

Ball alludes to pregnancy on these streets. When someone says 'Niko na ball,' it signifies they are pregnant.


Msitu is a Swahili word that means "forest."

It refers to unshaved pubic hair in these streets. Shots traditionally referred to a ball hit, stroke, or kick in sports such as football, tennis, or golf. It can also refer to the act of shooting a gun.


This is a Swahili word used to describe a hole, but in recent slang discoveries, the term is used to quote a woman's genitalia.