Bahati and Diana Marua, Kenya's entertainment power couple, have never been shy about exposing private information about their marriage to their admirers.

Despite the criticism, they continue to divulge their darkest secrets, putting insight into their relationship's trajectory.

Diana Marua's memorable road trip discovery

On July 31, the couple played a truth-or-dare game on Diana Marua's YouTube channel, offering their followers an insight into their prior experiences.

Diana recalled a fantastic road trip with her then-boyfriend, where she got into an unexpected position.

Diana had been drinking while on vacation with four other females and was not in her regular state of mind.

While her partner was driving, she started making out with another man who was sitting next to her.

"That day, it was my then guy driving. We were five ladies. I was seated behind, and we were drinking. I was out of my senses, out of character but in the mood. I started making out with another guy that I did not come with.

"I remember it was just drama after that. The boyfriend then was driving huko mbele. And then hio Mombasa nilikaa pekee yangu," she said.