Less than a year after leaving radio, Kenyans will get the opportunity to watch former Kiss100 morning anchor Kamene Goro back in action this week. After Willis Raburu left the 10 Over 10 show, Citizen TV began searching for a replacement. Huge personalities continue to be given the opportunity to interview for the position each week, so it does not appear that the competition is becoming any easier. 

Co-host Oga Obinna followed Kamene through the door, but now the two will be vying for the opportunity to succeed Willis Raburu at 10 over 10. This week, Kamene will appear on the program to conduct a job interview, but that is far from the whole tale.

Her husband, DJ Bones, who will be operating the decks, will be joining the former radio host. Responding to Kamene Goro's post about coming on 10 over 10, fans suggested that showing up alongside DJ Bonez might be advantageous. Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan are just one example of the celebrity couples that Citizen TV frequently pairs together on television.