According to a court hearing into the unexplained death of interior designer Jeff Mwathi, the dead had no underwear when his body was discovered.

Mwathi died in strange circumstances at the home of Lawrence Njuguna Wagura, alias DJ Fatxo, which drew much attention and outrage.

A police investigation exonerated DJ Fatxo, and an inquest, presided over by Milimani law court senior principle magistrate Zainab Abdul, is examining evidence in the inquest to determine the cause of death.

According to the investigation, the dead had no belt on when his body was discovered.

Stephen Muchoki Mwathi, the deceased's uncle, informed Ms Abdul that on February 22, 2023, Jeff had asked his mother, Hannah Wachuka Mwathi, to provide him Sh200 to cover his fare when he went to DJ Fatxo's apartment in Kasarani Nairobi.

Jeff and DJ Fatxo collaborated, with the former doing interior design for the DJ's stores.

Furthermore, the judge was informed that the deceased requested Sh500 to pay his ex-girlfriend Jane Wanjiru Maina for her to board an Uber to her home.

The inquest also heard Jeff arguing with his mother, who had requested him to suspend his shoe company in the city.

Jeff had called his mother at 3.35 a.m. and sent her images two hours before his death.

Jeff died at 5:47 a.m. on February 22, 2023.

Ms Abdul learned that Jeff died due to the impact of a fall and that "pathologists ruled out foul play in his demise."

Jeff's body was subjected to two postmortem examinations. Johansen Oduor, the Government's chief pathologist, performed the second examination when the body was exhumed from Nakuru, where he had been interred.

When questioned by the deceased family's lawyer, Danstan Omari, and cross-examined by Duncan Okatchi, DJ Fatxo's lawyer, Muchoki stated that while Jeff was in pain, he did not know if he had suicidal thoughts.

Muchoki told Omari that DJ Fatxo went to the house with three women who left after a while on the day Jeff died.

However, Muchoki, his driver, and another person returned to the residence after DJ Fatxo left with the women, and CCTV footage does not show them departing.

Muchoki, the first witness to testify and accompanied by state prosecutor Abel Omariba, stated that a CCTV film shows Jeff falling from the 10th story of DJ Fatxo's apartment.

Jeff committed suicide at 5.47 a.m.