When Tanzanian music is contrasted with Nigerian music, Tanzanian singer Harmonize appears to have given up.

According to the artist, Nigerians are currently in the lead and could inspire the following generation to surpass and surpass Nigerians.

"Count me out of some Tanzanian artistes that think we can be against Nigerians, maybe in the next generation."

After that, he praised Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy, and Ruger.

Three of the singer's artists quit the company, claiming that their contracts had been terminated illegally, and the singer has been having problems with his record label.

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Harmonize announced after they left that he would produce a music video for the performers at no cost to them.

"My brothers, You have all the reasons to be the biggest stars in this country. I trust in you. I know you won't let me down. The management has catered for two videos...Let this be a good start for you. Love brothers, thanks for the beautiful moments..." he announced

The singer claimed their breakup had been amicable through his record label.

"For that reason, these artists will be free to work and make a contract with any company or individual. We believe they are talented young men who have the potential of making it in the music industry," read the statement.

However, starting on the specified date (10/10/2022), Konde Music will not be liable for anything involving the said artist.

The label thanked the artists for working with them; "We'd like to thank Killy and Cheed for their cooperation in the period we've been together and we wish them all the best in their future endeveours."