Harmonize, a bongo musician from Tanzania, has never stopped adoring his mother. He recently posted a video to social media showing off the multimillion-dollar mansion he is constructing for his mother.

The 'Kwangwaru' hitmaker also declared he was giving up booze when viewing the video. This occurred only a few days after he claimed that he had revealed numerous details on social media because he was inebriated.

In one of his posts, he advised Kajala to stop pursuing younger men and instead find a man her age and settle down.

"Leo sijalewa nimefanya mambo ya msingi sana. Congrats mama konde sinywi tena mpaka nikumalizie kinyumba chako. Ya dunia ni mengi na walimwengu wamwomba Mungu. Naye hana hiyana muda wa mwingine, anawapa mambo yakikaa vibaya. Nahamia kwako mama konde sijalewa na silewi tena."

The house is in a sizable compound entirely encircled by a wall. Next to the two-story building is a smaller house that is also being built.

Harmonize has a reputation for giving gifts to those close to him. After generating a fortune in Kenya with a run of shows, Harmonize purchased his mother a brand-new Toyota Harrier last year.

After purchasing new Toyota Harriers for his parents (mother and father), Konde Boy made headlines again in June 2019.