Famous gospel singer Ringtone has come to Diana Marua's defence after kenyans trolled her online for the dress she wore in a picture with her adopted son.


In his video, Ringtone tells kenyans to leave Morgan alone because he is just a child and to stop stressing diana. He said that diana is a mother to beautiful children and that kenyans should stop feeling jealous, adding that some kenyans are attacking diana and her children because diana has pretty kids while the trolls have ugly children.

Diana came under attack not only for her choice of dress but people speculated that Morgan is Diana's child with a famous footballer Victor Wanyama. Even though the two dated, they did not have a child together. Morgan was adopted by singer Bahati before he married diana marua.

PHOTO | COURTESY Diana and Bahati

Kevin Bahati, a singer, recently shared a family photo on social media to commemorate Majesty Bahati's fourth birthday. An anonymous person, however, digitally inserted the Impact Montreal star and other Kenyan superstars beside the Bahati family members.

The photoshopped photo quickly acquired extensive recognition on numerous social media platforms, even catching the attention of Victor Wanyama. On August 20, the former Harambee Stars player expressed his displeasure by sharing a Twitter from a user named Wesley Kibande, who harshly denounced the behaviour.

"This foolishness needs to stop now !!" wrote Wanyama.

Other celebs in the modified viral shot include musician KRG The Don and filmmaker Abel Mutua. However, as of now, neither of these people has responded to this strange creation.