Renowned musician Bahati graced his social media platforms with a nostalgic throwback photograph of himself, causing mixed responses from his followers. Alongside the image, the musician playfully pondered whether Diana Marua would have embraced him during that era, injecting a touch of humor into the moment. He went on to highlight that his journey as a brand ambassador commenced a significant while back.

"Hapa Diana Angeniona angenikubali Kweli??? Nilianza Kukua Brand Ambassador Kitaamboo #TBT" He wrote.

Numerous denizens of social media found the post captivating, prompting a swift rush to the comment section where they poured out their thoughts. Among their sentiments, many admirers acknowledged Bahati's humble origins and offered words of encouragement, urging him to remain grounded. Despite encountering occasional negative feedback on the internet, Bahati remains steadfast and resilient. His social media presence has grown exponentially, amassing a substantial following that eagerly anticipates his daily posts, seeking entertainment and inspiration. Our heartfelt best wishes persistently accompany him on his journey.