Jane Rimoy Kimambi, often known as Mange Kimambi, is a prominent businesswoman, human rights advocate, and social media influencer in Tanzania. She was born on February 15, 1991, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and has made a name for herself online for being open and honest while also supporting social justice.

Early Life and Education

Mange Kimambi's early life was characterised by ambition and persistence. She put a lot of work into her education and eventually earned an Information Technology degree from the Institute of Finance Management (IFM) in Dar es Salaam. Her academic background in IT would later be extremely beneficial to her employment as a social media influencer.

Social Media Stardom

When Mange Kimambi joined Instagram in 2016, her road to becoming a social media sensation began. She initially shared her style and beauty advice on the platform. Her bright personality and interesting content immediately attracted a sizable following. Her sense of style, beauty tips, and candor about her personal experiences all attracted attention.

However, as Manage Kimambi grew more socially concerned, her content changed. She began utilizing her platform to speak out against critical problems in Tanzanian society like gender equality, corruption, and violations of human rights. This change in focus propelled her into the world of activism and advocacy.

Advocacy and Activism

Mange Kimambi became well-known in Tanzania and elsewhere thanks to her outspoken campaigning. She has utilized her internet platform to promote a number of social topics, including as the rights of women, the LGBTQ+ community, and free speech. She frequently disagrees with authorities and conservative Tanzanian social components because of her outspoken position on these issues.

"Justice for Kajala" was one of her most well-known initiatives. She led the charge in 2020 to pursue redress for Tanzanian actress Kajala Masanja and her daughter Paula, who were allegedly the victims of assault. Her campaigning significantly increased awareness of the situation and sparked debates on gender-based violence

Challenges and Controversies

The activity of Mange Kimambi has not been without difficulties and problems. She has drawn praise and scorn for her forthright character. Individuals who disagree with her actions and viewpoints have criticized her. Her temporary exclusion from social networking sites is another thing that some have linked to her activism.

Mange Kimambi is persistent in her pursuit of justice and social transformation in the face of these obstacles. She has evolved into a representation of bravery for those who share her beliefs and goals for a more equitable and inclusive society.


Mange Kimambi is an entrepreneur in addition to being an activist and an advocate. She has dabbled in a number of entrepreneurial ventures, including the fashion and beauty sectors. "Kimambi Cosmetics," her cosmetics brand, is becoming more well-liked in Tanzania and among her overseas fans.

Her success as an entrepreneur not only demonstrates her commercial savvy but also serves as an example for other young women who want to start their own businesses and take on leadership roles.


Global Impact

Although Mange Kimambi's influence is most notable in Tanzania, it is seen internationally as well. She has a sizable international fan base, especially among people who are interested in African social and political concerns and the Tanzanian diaspora.

She is an important voice in the global discourse on social justice and human rights because of her capacity to engage with a wide audience and bring attention to subjects frequently ignored by the mainstream media.