Kenyan rapper khaligraph, also known as Papa Jones, has called out Kwambox and Chito for saying that Papa Jones turned down an interview from a BBC reporter.

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khaligraph posted that he was very disappointed by the radio presenters for spreading lies, accusing them of telling lies about him to get clicks and traffic for their show. He questioned them why they never talked about his show in London but wanted to focus on stories that did not make sense.


Jones is demanding an apology from the two hosts and the radio station, saying that he will deal with them when he gets back to the country after his London tour.

PHOTO | COURTESY Kwambox and Chito

"Manze mkona ujinga sana Nyinyi wote na ku post nonsense, , Why are you guys posting lies?" he posted

"@chitondhlovu and @kwambox, stay Hating, sharing False information for clicks, you have to apologize for for these lies you are sharing on @kiss100kenya, you never talked about my London show lakini uwongo ndio mnajua kuambia watu, mumeniboo kabisaa, Wacha Nirudi Kenya we deal with this nonsense, you have to respect the OG" he added.


Kwambox and Chito are yet to respond to the allegations or offer an apology to khaligraph.