Samidoh's wife Edday Nderitu graced her Facebook page with a heartwarming photo of herself bonding with her children leaving many in admiration. In the picture, Edday is seen cradling her youngest daughter, both of them wearing radiant smiles. Alongside the photo, Edday captioned it, remarking on how the sun seemed to radiate a special warmth. She also included her customary hashtag, 'nothing but prayers'.

"Kuna vile jua ya hapa inachoma different #nothingbutprayers" She wrote.

Many Kenyan men on social media were captivated by the post, and they flooded the comment section with compliments. They noted Edday's radiant presence with her children and sent their warm regards. Despite facing marital challenges, Edday stands as a symbol of strength. She now resides in the United States of America and eagerly shares her journey on social media. Her updates serve as a wellspring of inspiration for numerous women who follow her for motivational guidance. We continue to send our best wishes her way.