Mumias East MP Peter Salasya expressed strong displeasure towards allegations of his failure to settle a loan acquired from Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) in Kakamega. In a video he posted on his social media platforms, the first-term MP argued that Kenyans on Twitter were unjustly singling him out.
The legislator emphasized that this wasn't the initial instance of facing online criticism from Kenyans on what he deemed as unrelated matters.
Through a video posted on his social media accounts, Salasya specifically mentioned human rights activist Boniface Mwangi, whom he alleged was at the forefront of the campaign against him.

"I want to tell Kenyans on Twitter that you have really attacked me, led by Boniface Mwangi. There is no day people on Twitter have commended me on anything," Salasya said.

The newly-elected legislator pointed out that Kenyans on Twitter have adopted a tendency to criticize him on nearly every matter. He pondered why he never received acknowledgment for his positive contributions.

"People on Twitter have really hauled insults at me. During the climate change conference, I was really abused. They don't see even the good things that I can do. They only look for the negative things," he complained.

Salasya strongly criticized Twitter users, claiming that they often harbor envy towards those who achieve success.
In Salasya's view, a considerable number of Kenyans on Twitter may not successfully compete for elective positions due to their tendency to feign belonging to a different social stratum.

"Twitter users are so envious. They take themselves to be so learned and that is why they cannot be voted in as MPs," he said
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Salasya further mentioned that his daily expenditures typically range from KSh 50,000 to KSh 100,000. Consequently, he asserted that the purported KSh 40,000 debt isn't a significant concern to him, citing that even the country grapples with substantial debts.
Regarding the loan default, as previously noted, Boniface Mwangi shared a message from Polycarp Nyonje, a man from Kakamega, who alleged that Salasya had failed to honor a loan for which they had provided assurance.

Nyonje informed Mwangi that attempts to contact the young MP, in order to press him for repayment of the KSh 165,000 loan through various means including phone calls, have proven unsuccessful.

“I'm Polycarp Nyonje from Kakamega and l want to expose Mumias East Constituency MP, Hon. Peter Salasya.
In 2017, Hon @P_Salasya took a Sacco loan of Ksh 165,000 while he was working with Diamond Trust Bank, Kakamega Branch. I acted as his guarantor, together with two other members. He immediately defaulted on the loan and each time we spoke in person, or on the phone, he kept on promising that he would repay it. He continued to promise us that he would repay, right up to the time he became a member of parliament," claimed Nyonge.