An Allurion Gastric Balloon Weight Loss Procedure is scheduled for Kenyan businessman Jamal RohoSafi just one day following his second hair transplant segment.

Jamal announced the information on Instagram and said he wants to lose 20 kg in four months.

I have four months to go from 95 kg to 75 kg. Allurion intragastric balloon is today. in stages.

He stated in another post that everyone's greatest desire is to live an endlessly young life.

A balloon filled with saline solution is swallowed during gastric balloon surgery. As the balloon occupies portion of the stomach, less food is consumed.

Limiting how much you can eat and hastening the feeling of fullness aids in weight loss. The surgery ran about Ksh 500,000.

Jackie Matubia, Kate Actress, Maureen Waititu, Maureen Lunga, and Kelvin Kinuthia are a few more Kenyan celebrities who have undergone the operation.

Jamal posted pictures and videos from his visit to the doctor's office in Turkey yesterday. He revealed that the second piece of his hair transplant is being done.

A plastic or dermatological surgeon performs this technique to transplant hair to a bald spot on the head. Usually, the surgeon transfers healthy hair from the top or front of the head to the back or side.

Under local anesthetic, hair transplants often take place in a doctor's office.

In April of this year, Jamal's ex-wife Amira posted on social media for the first time to announce the results of his first hair transplant treatment.