Qatar's 2022 FIFA world cup was one of the most iconic World Cups ever played. We saw history made, records broken, and legends made. We saw icons crying while others celebrated in joy. Here are some iconic moments from the tournament.

Argentina losing their first match against Saudi Arabia was unexpected and made the king of Saudi give them a holiday. People were shocked. However, this did not stop Argentina from clinching the world cup title. Argentina won 4-2 against France in the finals.

Unbelievable, joyous and emotional celebrations in Buenos Aires. Just look what Argentina's World Cup win means.đŸ¤©đŸ‡¦đŸ‡·

Another favourite moment was the anticipated match between Ghana and Uruguay. People have been waiting for this match from the 2018 World Cup. a handball from Suarez stopped ghana's move to the semi-finals. Ghanaians were happy because Uruguay was going home with them.

 The tears from Suarez's eyes after being eliminated made the elimination sweeter for Ghanaian fans because it was a handball from Suarez that killed their dream to make history as the first African country to reach the semi-finals in the world cup. Morroco now holds that title.

Next came the metro man. This man's duty was to show people the direction to the metro station. The Qatari government gave Abubakar a two-year work visa

morocco made history by becoming the first African country to make it to the semi-finals. Hakimi, who was born in Madrid, scored the winning goal against Spain.

We saw the legend Christiano Ronaldo cry after being knocked out by morocco. Morocco won 1-0 against the legends Portugal.

Kylian mbappe made history, broke records, and became a legend. He became the first player to score four goals in any world cup final. He also won the golden boot and the hearts of many ladies and gentlemen.