Recently, the aviator game has become a gaming sensation among many Kenyans in the country, attracting people from all walks of life and cultures. The Aviator game is a simple online game in which everything occurs in the background.

 What Is The Aviator Game?

 Well, the aviator game designed by iGaming involves each player betting on the outcome of an airplane flying virtually.

Each round of the game starts with the player placing one or multiple bets before the airplane takes off on the screen. A multiplier then appears on the screen, indicating potential winnings as the airplane progresses.

 The longer the airplane stays in the air, the higher the multiplier value, which increases potential winnings.

However, you need to cash out before the airplane disappears from the screen to claim your winnings. If you wait too long, the plane will crash, and you will lose your wager.

Anyone can win the UshindiBet Aviator game because the outcomes of every round are random.

How To Play The UshindiBet Aviator Game

  • Playing the UshindiBet Aviator game is very easy and simple. All you need to do is :
  • Login on the Official Site
  • Visit the UshindiBet Aviator wagering platform using your preferred platform, i.e. mobile phone or desktop.
  • You can then sign in to your UshindiBet Aviator account or create one if you haven’t registered yet.
  • Deposit and Click on The Aviator Game Section
  • Deposit money into your UshindiBet account before playing the aviator game. To deposit into your UshindiBet account:
  • Visit the official site and complete the UshindiBet Aviator login process.
  • Click on the yellow deposit icon located on the top right section of the platform
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit and click deposit
  • Your Mpesa will receive an M-Pesa prompt to enter your PIN to complete the transaction.
  • Reload the UshindiBet Aviator website, and your deposited funds will appear instantly on your wagering account.

Alternatively, you can deposit using the Ushindi Bet Aviator pay bill number 901509. To do this,

  •  Go to Mpesa menu
  • Select Lipa na Mpesa
  • Click on paybill.
  • Enter the business number as 901509
  • Enter the account number as your registered mobile number
  • Enter the amount you want to transfer to your UshindiBet account
  • Enter your Mpesa PIN and confirm the request.

You will shortly receive an SMS from Mpesa and Ushindibet to confirm the transaction

N/B: The amount you can deposit at UshindiBet is as low as Kes 10.

You can then open the UshindiBet Aviator section in the list of sports wagering options top menu.

 Similarly, you can click on the menu section shown by the three horizontal lines at the top left of the betting site, scroll down, and click on UshindiBet Aviator.

Play The Aviator Game

You will be redirected to the Aviator betting game, where you can begin placing bets with as low as Kes 10 and win. Simply place a bet or multiple and wait for the next round to win the UshindiBet Aviator game.

When the game begins, the airplane increases, and the multiplier increases. To win the UshindiBet Aviator game, simply cash out your bets before the plane falls off or disappears.

To withdraw money from the UshindiBet Aviator game;

  • Visit the UshindiBet Aviator website and sign in
  • Click on ‘My Profile
  • Scroll to the withdrawal section and enter the amount you wish to withdraw

You will receive a message from the wagering platform confirming a deposit of funds to your mobile number

N/B: The minimum you can withdraw is Kes 50, while the maximum is Kes 150,000

Aviator Game Rules

  •     Players must cash out before the plane leaves the screen to claim their winnings.
  •     If you do not cash out and the plane leaves the screen, then you lose.

UshindiBet Aviator Bonuses

UshindiBet Aviator provides free bets for players while the game continues. The operator or other players provide these wagers or use the rain feature.

 The rain feature releases some free bets on the UshindiBet Aviator game online, which can be won by clicking the claim section. You can also use the rain tool to give free wagers to others by clicking on the rain icon at the bottom of the live chat.

Additionally, UshindiBet offers players a 100% deposit bonus upon their initial deposit.

Further, the game offers a referral bonus, in which players are awarded 2% of the deposits made by each person they refer.


The UshindiBet Aviator game involves players placing wagers on the course of an imaginary airplane. At the beginning of every round, players place one or two wagers before the airplane lifts off on the screen.

The multiplier value increases while the potential winnings increase the longer the jet stays in the air. You must cash out before the plane leaves the screen to claim your winnings.