Graham Potter, the manager of Chelsea, claims that the anonymous abuse he and his family experienced due to the team's recent slump has negatively impacted his mental health.

PHOTO | COURTESY Potter said that fans wants him and his kids dead

The Blues have only won two of their last 14 games overall, and on Saturday, they fell to Southampton in the Premier League.

Chelsea claims they are giving Harry and his family all of their support.

Potter admitted that he received unkind emails from people who wanted him dead.

Receiving that is unpleasant.

The former Brighton manager said his family is among the names in the anonymous emails.

Nine out of Chelsea's 25 games have been victories under Potter, who was hired in September after Thomas Tuchel.

PHOTO | COURTESY Chelsea manager Graham Potter

"You may ask my family how they and I have been doing in life. It hasn't been enjoyable at all," Potter continued.

It will only be enjoyable if you arrive at work to someone cursing at you.

"There are two possible responses. You would know I was lying if I said I didn't care. We are all social creatures, so we care what others think.

According to Chelsea, Potter and his family are given all the support they need, but it is a private matter.

The Blues are currently 11 points outside the Champions League spots and are ranked 10th in the league.

Potter said: "With the results as they are, you take criticism." Potter was speaking before Sunday's Premier League matchup against Tottenham.

"That doesn't mean it's at all simple. It isn't easy when your family, mental health, and personality all suffer.

Potter said he understood that fans were "entitled to be furious following recent losses," but he would not let it get to him.

Many people have complicated lives, he remarked.

"You ask me if it's difficult; I respond. You endure. You become irate. You're at your most vulnerable when you're alone with your family.

"But, the world is challenging. We are currently experiencing both an energy and a cost of living problem. There are protests every other week. No one wants to hear about the poor old Premier League manager.

Potter is a "fantastic manager," according to Spurs deputy manager Cristian Stellini, who will be in charge on Sunday while manager Antonio Conte recovers from gallbladder surgery.

Because Potter managed Brighton the previous season and I closely followed Brighton, Stellini stated, "I studied Potter since I arrived here."

The way they play, the frequency with which they switch systems, and how they were up for a challenge against Potter shocked me.