As a lady, you definitely want to look good.  Understand that the first thing that attracts a man to you is your eyes. They are your number one beauty indicator.

The way you shape your eyebrows and make your lashes means a lot.

If You overdo, you get it all wrong and if you do not work on them at-all then you become odd.

As a classy woman, try to have the classy look by learning how to work on your different body parts. It may seem hard when starting but will become easy as time goes by.

Choose lashes of your choice, take your lashes, place it along your lash line with no glue in in order to measure the lash on your lash line.

Make sure that it’s not going completely to the center of your eye because that will be uncomfortable but ensure it is at least making its way towards the end of your lash line.

 If you have a longer lash line than most people it is better for you but if your lashes are longer than your lash line, go ahead and trim towards the end of the lashes just so that they fit comfortably on your eye.

If you are experiencing stiff lashes, just go ahead and grab the front and end and gently rack it back and forth, this will give it some type of flexibility, curve so that it better lays on your lashes.

Once you feel comfortable with your eyelash length, proceed and start practicing the application motion with your mirror with your head up a little bit then apply the lashes downward because then you can keep your eyes still open  and see where the lashes are actually  landing rather than  having to look  head on .

Place it as close as you can to your actual lash line and aiming for the middle and the end to be the first thing that sticks down.

Keep practicing that motion until you feel comforted that you can put glue on and move to the next step.