Kenyan high schools can be brutal. Anyone who went to them has a story about the punishments they received after making a mistake. Check out some of the weird ones below.

1. Being made to sleep at the football field. This was a punishment when one was caught sleeping in class, especially during morning and evening preps. The teachers on duty on duty would go from class to class hunting for a victim. The victims would then be made to sleep on dump grass in the morning.

PHOTO | COURTESY students sleeping in an open field

2. Frog jumping or walking on your knees. This form of punishment is brutal; you were made to walk on your knees on the Murram pavements. And it wasn't just for a short distance, you were meant to crawl for a long distance. by the time you were done your knees and hands were bruised and would hurt for days.

3. Washing trees and uprooting roots. Students were given duties to wash trees. You were expected to scrub them clean. Other times, you were expected to uproot tree trunks without using any tools. You had to use your hands to uproot the tree and then clear that area up.


4. Scrubbing the mold of a decades-old building. This one was the most brutal of them all. You had to be on your knees with a small scrubbing brush and were expected to leave that place new. This punishment would make you want to drop out of school.

PHOTO | COURTESY Students being punished

5. Caning. This one is common, but it was taken to an extreme. Some teachers would cane you like you were a thief. You would be taken to the staffroom, and teachers would pounce on you like you were their prey. They would take turns beating you, and sometimes, this could go on for hours.