Huawei has announced working with banks to advance non-stop banking solutions to facilitate a digital future characterized by innovation, ‘non-stop’ services and development.

Huawei Sub-Saharan Africa Region President Leo Chen noted the need for firms to go digital to boost customer numbers.

Lower operational costs, develop new innovative products, raise revenue, and deepen customer relationships.

Speaking during the Intelligent Finance Summit for Africa 2023, Chen said that to accelerate the digitalization of banking services, Huawei will facilitate to innovatively improve productivity in Africa by rolling out ICT infrastructure that delivers ‘non-stop’ financial services, and achieve ‘non-stop’ development alongside innovation.

Further, he said that banks are accelerating their usage of cloud services, with hybrid multi-cloud services required by banks becoming the norm.

"Huawei is dedicated to helping its local banks address challenges and accelerate changes across six fields: shifting from transaction to digital engagement, cloud-native and agile businesses, data democratization, secure and reliable infrastructure, hybrid multi-cloud and Lego-style modular services, and automated and predictable operation,” he added.

The Summit brought together more than 200 professionals, including key industry opinion leaders and executives from major banks across Africa.