On the suspicion that their brother was a member of a covert organization, two men are accused of killing him in the open in the Sabaki ward of Malindi sub-county, Kilifi.        

The brothers staged a strange event where they frog-marched Mwalimu Charo to their mother's grave, demanding that he acknowledge his involvement with the Illuminati, which they claimed was the reason behind their mother's death a few months prior.

According to witnesses, the men went to Msabaha village, where Charo ran a boda boda and barbershop. They then made him get on a motorcycle and ride back home, killing him in front of the shocked villagers.

The victim initially tried to run away and refused to confess as ordered by his brothers, but the attackers followed him and slashed him with pangas until he collapsed and passed away.

After dismembering his body and hiding the parts in a gunny bag, they left the area.

 Wilmot Mwanyalo, the commander of the Malindi sub-county police, confirmed the tragedy on Sunday afternoon and stated that his officers were conducting an investigation.

Speaking to reporters in his office, Mwanyalo claimed that Charo was coerced by his brothers into boarding a boda boda, which took him to the Sabaki village's Maboromokoni, where their mother is interred.

According to him, the victim attempted to flee after being told to perform certain rites at the cemetery, which prompted his brothers to pursue and beat him with pangas.

The officer stated, "His brothers picked him up at his Msabaha home, made him get on a motorcycle, and drove him to their home village of Maboromokoni to perform some rituals at their mother's grave."

Upon arrival at the scene, law enforcement officers discovered the body lying in a sack with no sign of the attackers.

Mwanyalo advised families in conflict to approach church or village elders for support rather than resolve the issue independently.

"There are institutions and people in the community who can help settle such disputes, including the church and village elders. If you feel these cannot help, you can seek assistance from the courts of law," Mwanyalo said.