Two police officers have been injured while trying to arrest a person suspected of transporting illicit brew in Juja, Kiambu.

The two policemen from Kibii Police Station were on patrol when they got intelligence information about the suspect.

PHOTO | COURTESY officers destroying illicit brew

According to authorities, the guy was transporting the illegal brew on a motorcycle, heading towards Gatundu Road. Officers caught the motorcycle near Kibii Primary School and apprehended the suspect.

"The situation, however, turned violent when the rider resisted arrested,” stated the police.

According to reports, the situation escalated when more than 20 motorbike riders from Kimunyu Trading Centre rushed to the area to liberate the suspect.

PHOTO | COURTESY Illicit brew

The injured police officers were sent to Impact Hospital in Murram Centre for treatment.

Police officers have launched an investigation into the incident.