Hundreds of protestors have commenced the Anti-Finance Bill 2024 demonstrations in Mombasa despite rains being experienced in the area.

Mapembeni area along Moi Avenue, initially designated as the central meeting point, has been blocked by the heavy presence of police officers.

Kenyans organized the ‘Occupy Parliament’ protest, mobilizing on various social media platforms under the hashtag ‘Reject Finance Bill’ to pressure MPs to drop contentious provisions in the Bill.

The activists led by Boniface Mwangi have already issued an elaborate plan for the protest, ' Occupy Parliament' against the Finance Bill 2024.

 This comes as Members of Parliament began debating the Finance Bill 2024 on Wednesday morning. The bill outlines revenue-generating initiatives by the Kenya Kwanza administration.

The members of parliament are expected to debate the bill today until 9.30 pm.

During this session, the legislators will express their perspectives and provide oral submissions, offering their insights on the taxation measures outlined in the bill.

They will also speak to both the contents of the Bill itself and the recommendations of the Departmental Committee on Finance and Planning after the government dropped some taxes.

Finance and Planning Committee chairperson Kuria Kimani moved the Bill for the Second Reading on Wednesday morning after he tabled it on Tuesday afternoon.