A 42-year-old man has died in an apparent suicide at his house in Kitengela.

The police have named the deceased as Samson Waweru. The deceased's body was discovered inside his Kitengela home, hanging from the roof.

According to neighbors, the deceased was a caretaker in the same building.

“All of us here knew him as a jovial man, who always got along with tenants and people around,” said one of the tenants.
PHOTO | COURTESY police line

The corpse was located inside his home after tenants failed to see him for two days in a row.
“Some of the tenants went to his house to ask him to open the taps so they could get water, only to find his lifeless body hanging from the roof,” said a neighbor.

According to reports, the deceased's residence was broken into four days earlier, with valuables stolen, leaving the caretaker heartbroken.

A television, a home theatre sound system, a gas cylinder, and other goods were taken.
Police are now faced with the arduous challenge of discovering his family members since no one seems to know his relations because he has been living alone.

Some people said the murder scene had been altered, while others claimed he had been slain somewhere before being transported to the house and made to appear as if he had committed himself.
The body of the deceased was taken to Shalom hospital mortuary.